Japan’s parliament women’s toilet was secretly filmed: female staff found on the spot suspect fled unaccounted for

April 27 – Japan’s Asahi TV and other media reported on the 27th, a few days ago, the Japanese parliament in the women’s restroom female staff was secretly filmed case, the cameraman was found immediately fled from the scene, so far unaccounted for.

Japan’s House of Representatives said that on April 23 at around 6 p.m. local time, a female staff member in the second floor of the National Assembly Hall in the women’s restroom, found that there are cameras in the house shooting, is preparing for further pursuit, a suspected cameraman fled. As surveillance cameras are not installed around the toilet, it is not possible to determine the whereabouts of the escapees.

Japan’s parliamentary police department said it would step up inspections within the parliament and regularly strengthen security in places such as restrooms.