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Japan’s Ministry of General Affairs will launch a function to restrict mobile phone access to pirated websites.

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Kyodo News Agency on December 25th, Japan’s Ministry of General Affairs announced on the 25th that in order to crack down on illegal pirated websites that publish comics and books on the Internet without authorization, it will strive to install the function of restricting access to websites on terminal devices such as smartphones.

The principle is to add the function of preventing access to pirated websites to the anti-virus security software, making browsing difficult. It is expected that the service will be launched in the near future.

According to the report, the Japanese publishing industry is making a list of pirated websites, which will be provided to network security enterprises and added to the “filtering” function.

When a user tries to access the relevant website, communication will be cut off or a warning will be issued. The Ministry of General Affairs hopes to make it standard, but in order to respect the user’s choice, it will also allow it to be released.

Unlike the mechanism of Internet service providers to control access to pirated websites, this restriction function is said to not infringe on communication secrets.

The revised Copyright Law, which knowingly pirated but still downloading works, will come into force next month.

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