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Japan’s capital circle believes that it has to issue an emergency declaration

Japan's capital circle believes that it has to issue an emergency declaration

According to the latest news from Kyodo News Agency, the central government of Japan coordinated the issuance of emergency declarations to the four prefectures in the capital circle on the 4th based on the novel coronavirus special measures law.

Among the three counties that demanded the central government to issue a declaration quickly, opinions such as “although it has a great impact on the economy, it is a last resort”.

After a press conference by Prime Minister Yoshihiro Kan, the head of Kanagawa Prefecture said: “The health care system is in a hurry and hopes to issue a declaration, but the specific content of the order time is not clear.” The person in charge said that “the preparation will be intensified on the premise of a recent declaration”.

Yuriko Koike, governor of Tokyo, said: “[The central government] responded quickly to our request. Speed and practical results are important, so they will respond quickly.

In addition to requiring further reduction of business hours, coordination between 1 and 3 counties in transportation, telecommuting, staggered commuting will help to curb the spread of the epidemic.

“If the economy shuts down, some people’s lives will be tough, but the most important thing is not to let the health care system collapse,” stressed the staff of Tokyo’s coronavirus response department.

“Hopefully,” the employee said, “It’s a way to drive fewer infections.”

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