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Japan will provide Mauritius with about 600 million yen of equipment to deal with the fuel spill.

Two people died. Many people were injured! Heavy snow continues in many parts of Japan.

Photo: Japanese cargo ship ran aground off the coast of Mauritius, and black heavy oil floated on the sea.

December 14 According to a report by Japan’s Kyodo News Agency, Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Shimogi held talks with Mauritius Prime Minister Jagnut on the 13th.

The two held consultations on follow-up assistance for the fuel spill accident of the Japanese cargo ship. The two sides signed an exchange of letters for Japan to provide about 600 million yen (about $6.1 million) of materials and equipment related to disaster prevention without compensation.

Mogi also held talks with Mauritian Foreign Minister Boda, and visited the scene of the accident after that.

On July 25th local time, a Panama-flagged cargo ship ran aground in the southeastern waters of Mauritius. On August 6, the cargo ship’s hull broke down and a large amount of fuel leaked.

According to local media reports, the cargo ship is carrying about 4,000 tons of fuel, and at least 1,000 tons of fuel have leaked into the nearby waters.

The freighter is owned and managed by the Japanese Nagapu steamship and leased by the merchant ship Mitsui.

Around the accident, Mogi held a telephone meeting with Jagnut in September, expressing his intention to prevent recurrence, assist mangrove regeneration and fishermen to restore their livelihoods.

Japan also sent an expert investigation mission.

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