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Japan plans to abandon the settlement agreement with the U.S. military in 2020.

Japan plans to abandon the settlement agreement with the U.S. military in 2020.

December 6 According to a report by Japan’s Kyodo News Agency, the Japanese government intends to abandon the goal of reaching a temporary agreement within the year on the negotiation of the burden of the financial burden of the U.S. military’s presence in Japan. It is planned to resume negotiations after January 20, 2021 on the basis of obtaining the understanding of the United States.

It is reported that, according to the practice, the negotiations on the Japanese-US residence fund generally reach an agreement by the end of December when the Japanese side decides to budget the budget, and it is extremely rare to postpone negotiations. The Japanese government is considering saying at the regular Diet in 2021 that it “work to reach an agreement as soon as possible” and seeks understanding.

Japanese government sources revealed that the United States proposed a residence fee that significantly exceeded the size of previous years, while Japan demanded to maintain the current level, and the two sides failed to reach a compromise.

The Japanese government currently believes that even if a one-year interim agreement is signed within the year, with the change of the presidency of the United States, the possibility of the United States will change its course is very high and therefore meaningless.

It is reported that the negotiations on the cost-sharing of the defense of the U.S. military in Japan are held every five years, and the negotiations will negotiate the cost-sharing from 2021.

The Japanese and American governments held staff preparation negotiations by videoconference on October 15 and 16, and launched formal negotiations in Washington on November 9 and 10.

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