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Japan may receive the first batch of Pfizer coronavirus vaccine in mid-February

Pfizer began exporting new U.S.-made Coronavirus vaccines

Pfizer Vaccine

Kyodo News Agency on January 22nd, Japanese government officials revealed on the 21st that more than 10,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine are expected to arrive in Japan in mid-February.

Prior to the questioning of representatives of the plenary session of the Senate, Prime Minister Yoshihiro Kan said that “a total of 310 million doses are expected to be guaranteed”.

This figure refers to the total supply of three European and American companies that the Japanese government has signed, including the Pfizer vaccine officially signed on the 20th.

Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare revealed that the Japanese government has signed a vaccine supply of 144 million doses of Pfizer, 120 million doses of AstraZeneca in the United Kingdom, and 50 million doses of Modena in the United States.

Since it is envisaged that two vaccinations per person, 72 million, 60 million and 25 million, respectively, a total of 157 million.

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