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Japan is committed to becoming an “independent military power”

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Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga.

December 23. According to the Russian “Independence” website reported on December 22, Japan has passed a new defense budget. The money will be used to purchase stealth fighters, defense weapons to protect islands, and to attack enemy bases.

Launch long-range missiles for pre-emptive strikes. The new cabinet upholds the policy of turning Japan into an “independent military power.”

The report noted that compared with the previous fiscal year, Japan’s military expenditures only increased by 1.1%. But in the future, the Japanese armed forces (Self-Defense Forces) will manufacture or purchase next-generation weapons from the United States. 

This includes anti-ship missiles, which can destroy enemy ships before they enter the range that can attack Japanese territory.

According to the report, the budget also arranges funding for surface-to-surface missiles that can strike enemy bases. Opposition lawmakers expressed concern about this. 

You must know that the Japanese Constitution announced the abandonment of war, and possessing these weapons meant breaking the Constitution. But the Minister of Defense Nobuo Kishi said that this is vital to the Self-Defense Forces.

The report pointed out that another important project is the construction of two warships equipped with the “Aegis” anti-missile system. The Ministry of Defense has not yet decided how and where they will fight.

 Previously planned to deploy “Aegis” on land. However, calculations show that deployment in Japan is not safe, and fragments of interception weapons may fall on the Japanese.

The report said that the cabinet of Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga continued the line of his predecessor, Shinzo Abe. 

Military spending increased for the 9th consecutive year.

The report pointed out that despite the efforts of Moscow and Tokyo to normalize relations and establish cooperation during the Abe administration, the issue of the South Kuril Islands (called the four northern islands in Japan-this net note) is still causing sharp disputes and mutual misunderstandings. This in turn allowed the Americans to nail Japan more firmly on their tanks.

Valery Kistanov, director of the Japan Research Center of the Far East Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told the Independent: “Everything related to the Japanese military plan is tracked by the relevant Russian authorities. For example, Russia is worried about Japan’s deployment on land.

The Aegis anti-missile system. Its radar will cover parts of the Far East of our country. The system can also be used to launch cruise missiles. Japan has not done so. Now, the Aegis will be installed on destroyers.

However, when Japan With long-range missiles, this will again be a major threat to Russia. If Japan builds a strike force against other countries, then Russia will take countermeasures. It does not exclude the Kuril Islands.”

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