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Japan extends the Middle East mission of the Maritime Self-Defense Force

South Korea and the U.S. military will start negotiations on the joint military exercise plan early next year.

The U.S. military stationed in Japan "draws a circle" in Japan.

According to Kyodo News Agency, the Japanese government has decided to extend the mandate of the Maritime Self-Defense Force until December 26, 2021.

Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said at a press conference that shipping industry groups “expressed appreciation and more expectations” for the activities of the Self-Defense Forces.

At the end of last year, the Japanese government sent maritime self-defense forces to the Middle East region in accordance with the Law on the Establishment of the Ministry of Defense.

In case of emergency, it can use weapons to protect Japanese ships in distress in accordance with the “Maritime Guard Operations” regulations of the Self-Defense Force Law. The destroyer “Gaobo” of the Maritime Self-Defense Force 

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