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Japan and the United Kingdom will share the research cost of some parts of the new generation of fighter aircraft.

Britain intends to apply for membership in the CPTPP. Japan, the rotating presidency, will coordinate.

According to Nikkei Shimbun on December 17, the Japanese government has finalized the framework for international cooperation in response to the development of components for the new generation of fighter jets deployed in 2035. In addition to the United States, it will cooperate with the United Kingdom.

Japan and Britain will share the research cost of some parts and the two countries will promote mass production, reducing the cost from research and development to the deployment of fighter jets. Japan and the United States will launch a study to share fighter information.

The Japanese government will explain the R&D system at joint meetings such as the National Defense Work Conference of the Liberal Democratic Party on the 18th, that is, the main body of development is Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and the supporting party is Lockheed Martin of the United States.

In order to reduce the development funds and technical risks, the policy of “continue consultations with the United States and the United Kingdom and pursue the possibility of cooperation” is proposed.

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