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Italy’s COVID-19 diagnosis exceeds 1.5 million, which will strengthen the entry and exit control of passengers.

Italy's COVID-19 diagnosis exceeds 1.5 million, which will strengthen the entry and exit control of passengers.

Photo: On November 25th, local time, the Italian ski resort of Madonna, Campiglio, changed from the bustling scene of previous years. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the ski resort is currently in lockdown, waiting for government television to hear about when it will reopen.

November 27 According to the European Union News Agency quoted by the European Network, the Italian Ministry of Emergency Civil Defense reported 29,003 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 822 new deaths on the 26th.

The Ministry of Health said that the government is currently preparing a phased epidemic prevention decree to be promulgated before December 3, and will evaluate and update the epidemic risk list of inbound tourists’ countries of origin in accordance with the EU’s tourism recommendations, and further strengthen the control of the entry and exit of passengers.

In order to curb the further spread of the epidemic on the European continent, at the European Union Leaders Summit held in Spain on the 25th, France, Germany and Italy reached a broad consensus on issues such as closing ski resorts and reducing population movements at Christmas and New Year. French President Macron and Italian Prime Minister Conte said that they would not consider opening ski resorts at Christmas and New Year, respectively.

Conte pointed out that it is essential to curb the spread of the epidemic on the European continent, strengthen cooperation among member states and formulate unified prevention and control measures. He suggested that unnecessary outbound travel should be reduced during Christmas and New Year holidays, and corresponding border control and epidemic prevention measures such as inbound virus screening and isolation should be strengthened.

Boccia, Minister of Affairs of Italy’s Regions and Autonomous Regions, said that more than 7.8 million people in Italy had previously lifted the ban on the summer tourism market. Lessons must be kept in mind and efforts must be made to avoid the third wave of the outbreak of the epidemic in January 2021. Therefore, Christmas and New Year must strictly control the movement and gathering of people, and strengthen virus screening and isolation measures for inbound passengers.

According to the epidemic prevention experts of the Ministry of Health, the government cabinet’s epidemic prevention guidance shows that the entry restrictions for tourists will be introduced in the upcoming epidemic prevention decree.

The relevant law stipulates that outbound passengers during Christmas and New Year are subject to mandatory quarantine for 14 days after returning to Italy.

At the same time, the Italian Ministry of Health will reassess and update the list of countries and regions at risk of the epidemic. At present, European countries with limited passenger entry into Italy include Belgium, France, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Spain and the United Kingdom.

In the future new epidemic prevention decree, due to the refusal of Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland to implement the European proposal to close ski resorts, it will be listed as high-risk countries and regions for tourists entering Italy.

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