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Italy may start vaccinated against the novel coronavirus from January 29

The proportion of African-Americans against COVID-19 is significantly lower than that of white residents.

According to the Russian satellite news agency on December 2, Italy’s newspaper Republic reported that the country may be vaccinated against the novel coronavirus from January 29.

The report quoted the country’s health minister Roberto Speranza as saying that the country will receive 203 million doses of vaccine in the first quarter of next year, and the vaccine developed by Pfizer is expected to be available between January 23 and 26. Speranza revealed the above in a meeting with the leaders of the parliamentary caucus, and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte also participated in the event.

Speranza stressed that 300 institutions will be assigned to distribute vaccines, and medical workers such as doctors will be vaccinated first, followed by staff and clients in nursing homes and other institutions for the elderly.

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