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Italy found a similar coronavirus variant earlier than the United Kingdom. Experts: I don’t think the vaccine will invalidate the virus variant.

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Health workers wearing overalls and protective masks perform rapid antigen tests for COVID-19 in a medical office, Rome, Italy, 17 November 2020. Italy fights with the second wave of pandemic of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus which causes the Covid-19 disease. ANSA / ETTORE FERRARI

According to an Ansa local time on December 28, a sample of a person infected with COVID-19 in the University of Brescia in Italy in August this year was similar to the coronavirus variant found in the United Kingdom.

Caruso, professor of microbiology at the University of Brescia and president of the Italian Society of Virology, said that the variant of the novel coronavirus was isolated from a sample of asymptomatic infected people in August this year, and the 501 position of the viral S spinyt process protein mutated.

It is similar to the virus variant found in Britain, but it can be considered to predate the latter in time.

Caruso said that he did not think that the vaccine would fail the virus variant, but this has yet to be confirmed by research.

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