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Italian Statistics Office: 73,000 enterprises closed due to the pandemic

Former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi was hospitalized with a heart attack and claimed to be in good health.

The Italian National Bureau of Statistics released the report “Business Operation Status and Prospects under the COVID-19 Epidemic” on December 14th local time.

According to the data, between June and October this year, 73,000 enterprises nationwide were closed, accounting for 7.2% of all the enterprises surveyed, of which 17,000 said they would not resume operations.

Business. According to statistics, 85% of the closed enterprises are microenterprises with a size of less than 10, mainly involving sports, entertainment and catering and accommodation.

The survey also shows that between June and October this year, the turnover of nearly 70% of Italian enterprises decreased compared with the same period last year.

One third of the enterprises had operational difficulties, and 37.5% had applied to the government for cash or credit support.

In addition, more than 60% of the enterprises surveyed expect their operating revenue to continue to decline year-on-year from December this year to February 2021.

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