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Italian Prime Minister Conte will go to Parliament on the 18th to seek a vote of confidence.

Italian Prime Minister Conte won the vote of confidence in the House of Representatives.

△ Italian Prime Minister Conte

According to an announcement issued by the Italian Evening Post website on January 14, Italian Prime Minister Conte will speak on the current political situation and seek a vote of confidence in the House of Representatives next Monday (January 18) after consultation by the leaders of the parliamentary caucus.

The specific time remains to be discussed. The presidents of both houses discussed. It is expected that it will take six to seven hours to discuss the Prime Minister, House discussions, voting and the suspension of disinfection.

On the afternoon of January 13th, local time, Renzi, the leader of the Italian Vitality Party, announced that members of the party had withdrawn from the government cabinet, resulting in Italy facing a government reorganization or a new general election.

If Prime Minister Conte chooses to reorganize the cabinet, he needs to pass a parliamentary vote of confidence, and if the vote is not passed, a general election needs to be held early.

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