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It may take at least 9 months for Iran to restore the Nataz nuclear facility.

It may take at least 9 months for Iran to restore the Nataz nuclear facility.

△ Satellite photos of Iran's Natanz nuclear facility on April 7, 2021

April 12th, local time, many Israeli media quoted the New York Times as saying that two U.S. and Israeli intelligence agents who declined to be named revealed that the power outage at Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility was caused by a deliberate bombing attack, and Israel played a role in the incident.

The explosion caused serious damage to the internal power system of the Natanz nuclear facility, and it would take at least nine months to resume production. The report pointed out that this is the second Israeli attack on Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility in the past year. Last July, the Natanz nuclear facility exploded and caused a fire, which had a significant impact on Iran’s nuclear program.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has repeatedly warned in the past week that Israel should defend itself from Iran’s nuclear threat. In the face of increased tensions with Iran, Netanyahu will convene a meeting of the Security Cabinet to discuss Iran. He said that Israel’s struggle with Iran and its proxies is a difficult task.

The failure of Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility occurred during U.S. Defense Secretary Austin’s visit to Israel. At a press conference held after the meeting with Israeli Defense Minister Gantz, Austin’s speech did not mention the Iranian threat.

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