It is suspected that the cold chain storage of COVID-19 vaccine is illegal. Many cities in Germany have suspended vaccination.

On December 27th, local time, several EU member states officially launched the COVID-19 vaccination work. The picture shows a woman working in a nursing home in Berlin, Germany, who is being vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.

December 28 According to Reuters, on the 27th local time, Germany began to vaccinate against the novel coronavirus vaccine developed by German biotechnology companies and Pfizer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

United States. However, after it was found that the cooling temperature of the vaccine may not meet the regulations in parts of Bavaria, several local cities have suspended vaccination.

According to the report, on the 27th local time, several EU member states officially launched the coronavirus vaccination work.

On the same day, the government of Lichttenfels, northern Bavaria, Germany, issued a statement saying, “When we checked the temperature recorder in the cooling box, we suspected that it might not meet the cold chain requirements.”

In addition to Lichttenfels, northern Bavarian cities including Coburg, Kronach, Kulmbach, Hof, Bayreuth and Vinsidel have reportedly suspended vaccinations because they are not sure whether the cold chain of vaccine transportation has always met the regulations.

The COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals of the United States and the German biotechnology company requires a storage environment of minus 70 degrees Celsius.

Pfizer has designed special transport containers filled with dry ice to prevent vaccines from failing in transit. It is said that the vaccine can be stored for up to six months if stored in ultra-low temperatures, while after putting it in ordinary refrigerators, the shelf life of the vaccine is only five days.