Home LifestyleHealth It doesn’t make sense for the president of this country to compare with a V after being vaccinated against the novel coronavirus in China.
It doesn't make sense for the president of this country to compare with a V after being vaccinated against the novel coronavirus in China.

It doesn’t make sense for the president of this country to compare with a V after being vaccinated against the novel coronavirus in China.

by YCPress

Chile is actively promoting the national coronavirus vaccination work, and China’s vaccine supply has brought great help.

From Chilean President Pinheiro to Easter Island residents far away from mainland Chile, the keyword “hope” has been mentioned after being vaccinated against China.

What’s the special significance of Pinella deliberately comparing a “V” gesture after vaccination? What special action did the mayor of Easter Island make in an interview with Xinhua News Agency? Please watch the report sent back by Xinhua News Agency reporter–

This V has a dual meaning.

On the morning of February 12, a special vaccinated person, 71-year-old Chilean President Pinheira, was welcomed at a coronavirus vaccination site in the city of Forrono, the southern river region of Chile.

The local media broadcast the whole process of Pinella’s vaccination with China’s Kexing vaccine live.

He first talked easily with two elderly people preparing to be vaccinated in the waiting area, then entered the vaccination area at the greeting of the medical staff, elbowed with the staff, registered identity information as required, rolled up his sleeves for vaccination, then took his vaccination card for 15 minutes of health observation.

In front of the camera, Pinella deliberately held the vaccination card in his left hand and compared a “V” in his right hand.

This gesture usually means “victory” and is also specially used to represent the initial V of “vaccinated” in Spanish in Chile in promoting COVID-19 vaccination.

Pinheila said at a press conference after vaccination: “I want to say to all my fellow citizens that this is a safe and effective vaccine.

He also said that 2020 is a hard and painful year, and everyone should work together to make 2021 a year full of hope. 

“The mass vaccination of the coronavirus vaccine brings us the hope of recovering our previous lives and re-embracing our loved ones”, and the national mass vaccination plan will continue to advance.

With a Chinese vaccine

“Earth’s navel” looks forward to restarting

Easter Island, which is solitary overseas and about 3,700 kilometers away from Chile, has also received the first 1,200 doses of Coching vaccine.

In a video interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters, Easter Island Mayor Pedro Edmonds said on several occasions, “We are very grateful for the vaccine from China.”

Ovae Tebano, a physician who is president of Easter Island Health Foundation, was one of the first local inoculations. She told Xinhua News Agency that Chinese vaccines are “very popular” among Easter Island residents.

If there is an epidemic on the island, it will be a devastating disaster. Oxygen is only enough for few people to use, and it is quite complicated to arrange aircraft transfer operations. Vaccines can bring us a sense of security and hope. “

Easter Islanders call the “navel of the earth”, and tourism is its pillar industry.

However, in order to prevent the epidemic, the island has been “closed” for 11 months.

“We have a proverb: Tomorrow is an unknown mystery, yesterday has become history, and live in the present.” Edmunds said that the ancient wisdom on the island has a lot in common with Chinese culture.

During the epidemic, there have been more family reunions and the crime rate is low. Many residents who work outside the country have returned home, and everyone also cherishes things and blessings more.

Some voluntary activities and employment measures have guaranteed the maintenance of some livelihoods and facilities on the island during the epidemic.

At the end of January and the beginning of February, the largest Tapati cultural festival in the area usually attracts tens of thousands of tourists. This year marks the first time in more than 50 years that there are no tourists.

“This year’s Tapati festival is no longer like a carnival,” Edmunds said.

“In the past, everyone was doing hotel, restaurants, guides, etc. Only tourists were enjoying the festival, but now we have become tourists ourselves. It’s a wonderful feeling to watch people between 2 and 95 years olds enjoy Tapatis together.”

Edmunds said that if more than 8,000 residents of the island can complete vaccination by the middle of this year, it is expected to open commercial flights and resume tourism in September.

After the epidemic, they are also thinking about how to make the development of tourism more sustainable.

At present, some hotels on the island are being repaired, restaurants are doing takeaway business, craftsmen are designing new products, and tourism enterprises are busy designing virtual tourism products and thinking about new ideas.

The vaccine brings hope for a restart. “Everyone is preparing to start again,” Edmunds said.