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Israel’s anti-pandemic office approved the nationwide implementation of a curfew from the 9th

Indonesia has more than 1 million confirmed cases of COVID-19.

According to a report by Israel’s Galei Zahal radio station on the 8th, Israel’s Office for Combating Coronavirus has approved a nationwide curfew from December 9.

“Office of COVID-19 has decided to implement curfew nationwide,” the source said. The source pointed out that the decision would be submitted to the government for approval.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said on the 7th that some epidemic prevention restrictions may be implemented again. It is reported that Israel may impose a third round of blockade during Hanukkah (10-18 December).

Since October 18, Israel has lifted some epidemic prevention restrictions, including the resumption of kindergartens and the resumption of work in enterprises that do not receive customers. The ban on leaving houses for more than one kilometer has also been lifted, and access to parks and beaches has been allowed.

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