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Israel rejects Hamas’s armed truce proposal and will step up its fight against it

Israel rejects Hamas's armed truce proposal and will step up its fight against it

Khan Younis in the Palestinian Gaza Strip was hit by an Israeli air strike

May 13 2021 the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement that Israeli warplanes on the same day hamas military intelligence in the Gaza Strip, the building. The Israeli military has also expanded its strikes to Hamas-controlled public institutions in the Gaza Strip, particularly its state coffers and banks.

Israeli Defense Minister Ganz has ordered the convening of reserve forces, he said, before considering a ceasefire, Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups will launch more attacks.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said tuesday evening local time, Israel has formally rejected Hamas proposed a ceasefire, and will be in the Gaza Strip Hamas and Islamic Jihad to strengthen military strikes.

The latest data released by the Gaza Strip health department at noon on the 13th showed that 72 Palestinians have been killed in the conflict since the outbreak of fighting between Israel and Palestine, including 17 minors. It was also reported that the death toll from Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip had risen to 83. The Israeli military said most of the Palestinians killed were terrorists.

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