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Is there a conspiracy? Bet Trump’s victory in the election will lose a lot and will sue gambling websites.

Is there a conspiracy? Bet Trump's victory in the election will lose a lot and will sue gambling websites.

Gamblers who bet thousands of dollars in the 2020 U.S. presidential election and thought Trump would win are now planning legal action against at least one online gambling website, according to the website of the Daily Beast.

Gamblers from Europe say they bet on a large online gambling service called Betfair to support Trump’s re-election. They are reportedly planning to sue the company now because they still believe Trump may win.

Earlier this week, the U.S. Electoral College voted to confirm Biden’s victory over Trump in the presidential election on November 3. Biden received 306 electoral votes, while Trump received 232 votes. The report said that before Biden’s victory, Trump and his aides made unfounded remarks for several weeks, questioning the fairness of the American election.

Online gambling company Betfair said in a statement: “The electoral college officially voted on December 14, which enabled us to close the remaining Betfair’s U.S. election gambling deal. We will settle the bill based on the candidate who gets the most votes from the Electoral College. According to the results of the Electoral College, the candidate is obviously Joe Biden.”

Helen, a British woman living in Amsterdam, said she will continue to bet more money as Trump allies Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis continue to make statements challenging the election results, and Betfa The ir platform is still open to gamblers.

“From election day onwards, it seems very, very likely that this is a hoax, and as more information goes out, I’m more confident I’ll win,” Helen said. That’s why I lost about $170,000 with such a large amount of money on it.

The company reportedly said after last month’s election that it would “could close the bet when determining which candidate has the most expected electoral college votes”.

According to the report, a British better named Jordan Lea bet more than $67,000 in support of Trump. Leah insisted that the company adjusted its initial betting rules from a “majority vote” to a “majority” electoral vote on November 27.

The gambler is preparing to take legal action against Betfair and other similar companies along with other gamblers who bet that Trump will win, according to the Beast Daily. Leah said they had thousands of screenshots and had collected evidence to support their claims.

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