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Iran’s nuclear facilities install new centrifuge cascades, one of the measures to reduce the implementation of commitments to the Iran nuclear agreement

Iran declared a yield of 60 per cent enriched uranium

△ Iran's nuclear facilities (Image source: Iranian media)

According to a report by Iran’s official news agency, on the 2nd local time, Gary Barbadi, Iran’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other international organizations in Vienna, said on the same day that Iran had installed new centrifuge cascades at the Natanz nuclear facility and the Fordo nuclear facility as part of the step-by-step reduction in fulfilling the implementation of the Iran nuclear agreement.

Garibadi said that two sets of IR-2m centrifuges, including 348 centrifuges, about four times the capacity of IR1 centrifuges, have been installed at the Natanz nuclear facility, and have been successfully injected into UF6 to start uranium enrichment activities.

At the same time, the Fordo nuclear facility has also begun to install two sets of IR-6 centrifuges cascades.

The International Atomic Energy Agency can verify this and be informed of the progress of the plan.

According to the Anti-Sanctions Strategy Law passed by the Iranian Parliament, after the law enters into force, the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran is obliged to start producing enriched uranium with a concentration of 20% for peaceful purposes and storing 120 kilograms in Iran.

The law stipulates that the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization shall install and operate new centrifuges for enrichment and research and development at the Natanz and Fordo nuclear facilities.

At the same time, it is further stipulated that if the West’s sanctions on Iraq are not “undone”, the voluntary implementation of the Additional Protocol to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Agreement will be suspended two months after the law enters into force.

At the same time, Iran has repeatedly stressed that all measures to reduce the implementation of commitments to the Iran nuclear agreement are reversible, and urged the United States to lift sanctions against Iran and return to the Iran nuclear agreement.

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