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Iran’s foreign minister responds to the resumption of Iran’s nuclear talks: the United States must unconditionally lift Trump-era sanctions

The Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency visited Iran to talk about cooperation.

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif (Information Photo)

February 19th The U.S. State Department said on the 18th that the United States is willing to hold meetings with participants in the Iran nuclear agreement, including Iran, to discuss the Iranian nuclear issue.

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif issued a statement on his personal account on the 19th that if the United States unconditionally and effectively lifts all sanctions under the Trump administration, Iran will take immediate remedial measures.

In his statement, Zarif said that the United States recognized that the statement of former Secretary of State Pompeo on United Nations resolution 2231 had no legal effect.

In accordance with United Nations resolution 2231, the Security Council supports the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue reached by many parties in 2015, and the United Nations arms embargo on Iran will end in October 2020.

Zarif called on France, Britain and Germany to abide by the commitments they made in the Iran nuclear agreement on the evening of the 18th on social media. He also called on France, Britain and Germany to demand that the current U.S. administration end the “economic terrorism policy” pursued by the Trump administration against Iran.

On the 18th, U.S. Secretary of State Blincoln held a videoconference with the foreign ministers of France, Britain and Germany.

The Quartet subsequently issued a joint statement saying that Blincoln reiterated that if Iran strictly abides by its commitments in the Iran nuclear agreement, the United States will also abide by the corresponding commitments, and the United States is ready to discuss it with Iran.

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