Iranian President Rouhani: Iran should not be expected to take the first step

△Picture from the office of the President of Iran

Recently, Iran has repeatedly said that the United States should first lift the sanctions against Iran. After being approved by Iran, Iran will resume its commitments to the Iran nuclear agreement.

The United States said that it would not lift sanctions against Iran before Iran resumed its commitments.

In response, Iranian President Rouhani reiterated in a meeting with ambassadors to Iran on the 9th that Iran should not be expected to take the first step.

Iran has never violated the Iran nuclear agreement, while the United States has violated international law and United Nations Security Council resolution 2231 and should first lift sanctions against Iran.

Rouhani stressed that once Iran signs an agreement, it will keep its promise and abide by the content of the agreement.

Therefore, when the six Iranian nuclear countries (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany) fully implement their commitments of the Iran nuclear agreement, Iran will immediately resume its commitments.

Rouhani said that since 2015, Iran has fully complied with the content of the Iran nuclear agreement. The International Atomic Energy Agency has proved this 15 times.

Even when the United States withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement and imposed sanctions on Iran in 2018, Iran still kept its promises until 2019, gradually reducing the implementation of the commitments of the Iran nuclear agreement to urge Europe and the United States to comply.

△Picture from the office of the President of Iran

In addition, in a meeting with ambassadors to Iran, Rouhani said that due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the past year has been a difficult year for the whole world, and even harder for Iran.

Because other countries can buy the necessary medical devices, medicines, food and vaccines, Iran’s financial funds have been frozen by US sanctions. To this day, the new U.S. government has still not taken appropriate action against Iran in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Speaking about the regional situation, Rouhani asked one after another, who should be responsible for the deaths, famine and crimes of the Yemeni people when the United States and Europe send weapons to the Middle East? Who sent the Middle East into the hands of terrorists? Who is responsible for the deaths of Suleimani and Muhandis?

At the same time, he said that Iran is willing to engage in dialogue with countries in the Middle East, especially the countries along the Persian Gulf, to solve regional problems.

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