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Iranian Foreign Minister: Recent nuclear activities are based on the Iran nuclear agreement

Iranian Foreign Minister: Recent nuclear activities are based on the Iran nuclear agreement

Screenshot of Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif's interview with CNN

February 12 Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said on the 12th that Iran’s recent nuclear activities are based on Article 36 of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Iranian Nuclear Issue, and it is illogical for Britain, France and Germany to demand that Iran stop these activities.

Zarif posted on social media on the same day: “Have our partners in the three European countries read article 36 of the Iran nuclear agreement and the many [complaint] letters sent by Iran based on this clause? What is the logic on which Iran is responsible to stop its response when the United States withdraws from the Iran nuclear agreement and continues to violate it?

It is also reported that the International Atomic Energy Agency said on the 10th that it had verified that 3.6 grams of uranium metal had been produced at its Iranian factory in Isfahan province.

Britain, France and Germany issued a statement on the 12th condemning Iran’s production of uranium metal, believing that this act further violated the provisions of the Iran nuclear agreement and hit diplomatic efforts to save the Iran nuclear agreement.

The three countries strongly urged Iran to immediately stop this activity and stop any nuclear activities that violate the agreement.

According to article 36 of the Iraq Nuclear Agreement, if any participant in the agreement believes that the other parties to the agreement have not fulfilled the commitments of the agreement, they can file a complaint; if the settlement is fruitless, the participant who raises the complaint can regard the unresolved issue as a reason to suspend the performance of the agreement’s commitments in whole or in part.

In July 2015, Iran reached a comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue with the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, China and Germany. Under the agreement, Iran promised to limit its nuclear program and the international community lifted sanctions against Iran.

In May 2018, the U.S. government unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement, and then restarted and added a series of sanctions against Iran.

Since May 2019, Iran has gradually suspended the implementation of some provisions of the Iran nuclear agreement, but promised to take measures “reversible”.

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