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Iran said it believed that the United States would soon lift sanctions against Iran.

Iran said it believed that the United States would soon lift sanctions against Iran.

△Kalibhav interviewed by Iranian state television (Image source: Fars News Agency)

February 20th, the Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency quoted Iranian government spokesman Rabbié as saying that although the “diplomatic debate” between Iran and the United States over the nuclear agreement to return to Iran continues, Iran believes that the United States will soon lift sanctions against Iran

The report quoted Rabbier as saying that Iran believes that despite the “diplomatic debate”, diplomatic initiatives will produce favorable results, which is a prelude to the resumption of their respective commitments, including the lifting of all sanctions against Iran in the near future.

Regarding the previous bill passed by the Iranian Parliament, requiring the government to further break through the restrictions of the Iran nuclear agreement without finding that the sanctions against Iraq are “loose” for a certain period of time, Rabbié stressed that the relevant bill and Iran’s commitments are not contrary, and it does not constitute an obstacle to Iran’s appropriate response to the actions of the United States.

The previous day, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said that if the U.S. government lifts all sanctions against Iran, Iran will “immediately reverse” its previous move to suspend the implementation of some provisions of the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue.

On the same day, White House officials said that the United States would not take “additional actions” such as easing sanctions in exchange for Iran’s cooperation before the talks between the United States and Iran and other participants in the Iran nuclear agreement.

In May 2018, the U.S. government led by then President Trump unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement, and then restarted and added a series of sanctions against Iraq.

Due to the practice of the United States, since May 2019, Iran has gradually suspended the implementation of some provisions of the Iran nuclear agreement, but stressed that the measures taken are “reversible”.

Regarding the return to the Iran nuclear agreement, the Biden administration of the United States and Iran exchanged terms previously.

Both sides asked the other party to take the first step: the United States asked Iran to resume the Iran nuclear agreement; and Iran asked the United States to lift sanctions.

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