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Iran criticizes Pompeo for “farewell trip”: wasting the dignity and honor of some countries

Iran criticizes Pompeo for "farewell trip": wasting the dignity and honor of some countries

According to Sputnik News Agency, US Secretary of State Pompeo began a cyclone visit to Europe and the Middle East on November 13, and visited France, Turkey, Georgia, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia all the way. This trip will end on November 23 and may be Pompeo’s last visit as the US Secretary of State.

Said Khatibzad, spokesperson for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that US Secretary of State Pompeo’s trip to the Middle East is like a “farewell trip” to the failed policy pursued by Washington in the region, and marks The “window of opportunity” for the Trump administration’s alliance with China and ASEAN is closing.

Khatibzad said at a press conference on Sunday: “The U.S. Secretary of State’s term is coming to an end. He seems to be more interested in doing some political fishing for the future than pursuing the policies of the U.S. government. “

The spokesperson said that certain countries have “opened a window” to “let people see all the disgraceful troubles they have created for themselves.” He also said that “three or four notorious countries isolated by their own people” will face problems in the future. Khatibzad said: “Unfortunately, the rulers of some countries in the region spent all their dignity and honor on some people who were voted down by the American people,” he was referring to Pompeo and Trump. government.

Khatibzad also criticized Pompeo’s visits to the West Bank and Syria’s Golan Heights occupied by Israel during his visit to Israel, and said that “if it were not for the betrayal of some Arab rulers,” Pompeo would This can never be done.

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