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Iran claims that the explosion of fuel tankers in the border area of Afghanistan did not cause Iranian casualties or property damage.

An oil tanker exploded on the Afghan border: More than 500 vehicles caught fire, injuring at least 17 people

According to the Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency, at noon local time on February 13, a fuel tanker at a customs checkpoint in the border city of Islam Qala in Afghanistan exploded, which did not cause people in the adjacent Dogharoon area of Iran.

Casualties or property losses.

Iran’s Border Guard commander Majid Shoja said that the Border Guard remained highly vigilant about the areas affected by the explosion.

Mohsin Negat, head of crisis management in Iran’s Khorasan Razawi province, said that Iran had sent an emergency team to the scene of the explosion at the request of the governor of Herat province of Afghanistan.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hatibzad said on the 13th that Iran has taken measures to help people affected by the explosion, and Iran’s border crossings remain open to trucks, cars and people fleeing the scene of the explosion.

According to Iran’s Maihel News Agency, at noon local time on the 13th, a serious explosion occurred in the Islam Jara area in the western part of Herat Province adjacent to Iran in Afghanistan.

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