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Iran announces new ballistic missile launch system

Iran announces new ballistic missile launch system

Iran has announced a new

Domestic ballistic missile launch system

According to Iran’s National Television, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps announced a new domestic ballistic missile launch system on November 4.

According to the report, this ballistic missile launch system, produced by the aerospace force of the Revolutionary Guard, can be used to launch multiple long-range ballistic missiles and is highly automated and intelligent.

Hussein Salami

However, the report did not mention specific parameters such as the range of the missile system, the number of missiles that the launcher can launch, and the speed.

The commander-in-chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Hussein Salami, said that this is a great achievement of Iran in the missile field. It is a powerful pillar of Iran’s defense force, and Iranian missiles will produce a powerful deterrent to the enemy.

It is understood that although the United States, Europe and other countries often warn Iran and force it to abandon the development and modernization of ballistic missiles, Iran insists that the development of ballistic missiles is one of Iran’s national defense needs, and that the development and upgrading of ballistic missiles conform to international law.

News Review

On August 20, the Iranian Ministry of Defense demonstrated two new domestic stealth missiles that have been tested. Both missiles are named after senior generals assassinated by the United States.

Among them, the first missile was named “Qassim” to commemorate the leader of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Iran and the commander of the “Quds Brigade” Qasim Soleimani who was assassinated by the United States; the second missile was named “Abu “Muhandis” was named in memory of Abu Muhandis, the leader of the Iraqi People’s Mobilization Organization who was assassinated by the United States along with Soleimani.

On July 5, according to Iranian media reports, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy announced that it had established multiple “missile cities” underground and offshore on the southern coast.

The Iranian media also quoted Tangishili, the naval commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, as saying that Iran’s entire 2,200-kilometer south coastline is equipped with various weapons and has “absolute advantage” in the Persian Gulf region and can “fully control” the Strait of Hormuz.

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