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iPhone SE 3 exposed! It’s a heartbeat…

iPhone SE 3 exposed! It’s a heartbeat...

Since Apple launched the SE series, the “low-cost iPhone” has truly entered our cognition.

Although SE did not bring much sales to Apple, Apple insisted on updating this series. From the release of the SE generation in 2016 to the release of the SE 2 generation this year, the time interval reached 4 years.

In addition, after the release of the iPhone 12 mini, Apple should not engage in SE anymore. After all, they are all small screen phones, and the appearance and performance of the mini are more powerful.

But just recently, the rendering of the iPhone SE 3 was exposed!

And there is news that the SE 3 will be quietly released next year like the SE 2 generation.

Did Cook taste the sweetness from the SE 2 generation?

It is updated every year, should he say that he values ​​the SE series? Or does it mean that chips are not selling well to help fruit farmers?

Judging from the exposed renderings, the front of the iPhone SE3 has cancelled the traditional “fingerprint recognition” and replaced it with a notch that is smaller than the 12 series.

Continuing the right-angle design of the frame, the rear part of the appearance is somewhat similar to the iPhone 8P, and it is equipped with an Apple A14 processor.

From the side, its thickness should be similar to this year’s SE2.

The front camera is equipped with face recognition, and the rear uses a horizontal dual camera, juxtaposed with the flash. The main lens has 12 million pixels and the wide-angle lens has 8 million pixels, which can support 3x optical zoom and 5x hybrid zoom.

The screen size is 5.8 inches, and the screen-to-body ratio has also increased significantly.

Good guy, the more you look, the more it looks like a 12 mini with an 8P back shell?

In terms of screen material, the LCD screen is still used with a resolution of 720P. As for why not the OLED screen and 90Hz?

Cook: You want to be on the 12 series without having an SE? Are you thinking of peaches?

If you look at this configuration and style, and it is two thousand dollars cheaper than the mini, wouldn’t the original poor sales of the mini be worse?

In order to create differentiation, Cook once again wielded a precise scalpel to chop off 5G!

Anyway, it’s a power-consuming function, what use is it? Cut it directly and sell it cheaply! Save the old hacked 5G~

I have to say that Cook has hit many people’s hearts with this knife.

The iPhone SE generation was released in March 2016. It was a sensation at the time, because it was the first iPhone in history to be priced at hundreds of dollars.

Cook called it “one of Apple’s important strategies.”

The 1st generation SE uses a 5S shape, but the configuration is comparable to the 6S, which makes it feel like a pig and a tiger. It is a boon for the small screen party pursuing 5S and the cost-effective party with the latest performance.

With the traction of the first-generation SE in the “low-cost iPhone” strategy, the later XR and iPhone 11 positioned the mid-end “cheap iPhone”.

I thought that Cook would update the SE series every year, but I didn’t expect this to be four years.

The SE 2 is replaced by the iPhone 8 body, which uses the same A13 processor as the iPhone 11, with proper performance.

However, the price of the iPhone 11 series is so fragrant that the SE 2nd generation will be released immediately after the launch. The second-hand price of the SE 2nd generation, which has only been released for about half a year

It’s a good choice to buy an A13 processor for less than two hundred usd, whether it is a spare or a main machine.

This time, the more powerful SE 3 generation in the news is coming. Do you expect it?

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