Involved in missing income The former king of Spain paid taxes

On June 3, 2014, profile photo shows Juan Carlos I attending an event in San Lorenzo del Escorial, Spain. Xinhua News Agency/AFP

December 10 The lawyer of former King Juan Carlos I of Spain said on the 9th that Juan Carlos I had independently declared previously undeclared income to the tax authorities and settled the total amount of nearly 680,000 euros in arrears.

Juan Carlos I had settled the tax bills owed for €678393.72, including interest and penalties, nine days ago, lawyer Javier Sanchez-Honco said in a statement.

Sanchez-Honco did not provide a breakdown of the tax payment, saying that the former king cooperated with the tax authorities “as usual”. The Spanish newspaper El Paínard previously reported that Juan Carlos I sought to reach a settlement with the tax authorities on illegal transactions of credit cards to avoid prosecution.

Prosecutors of the Spanish Supreme Court launched several investigations into Juan Carlos I’s business transactions earlier this year, including his involvement in the Saudi Arabia high-speed rail project contract corruption scandal. Juan Carlos I moved from Spain to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, in August.

The investigation has disturbed the Spanish government and the royal family. The Spanish government promised that the judicial system would treat the former king equally. Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez affirmed in an interview with the media that the investigation would not endanger the status of the country’s parliamentary monarchy.