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International sharp review uses facts and truth to cut off the “chain of lies” that smear Xinjiang.

International sharp review uses facts and truth to cut off the "chain of lies" that smear Xinjiang.

Recently, at the instigation of some Western anti-China forces, lies about Xinjiang have been hyped again. The Center for Global Policy, a US think tank, released a report on the 15th, falsely claiming that more than half a million Uighurs in Xinjiang, China, were forced to work in cotton picking.

The European Parliament passed a resolution on the 17th, attacking the Chinese government for “forced labor” against Xinjiang Uighurs and other ethnic minorities.

In fact, the so-called “forced labor” is a complete false proposition, a lie fabricated by some anti-China elements and the “traders” behind them.

They deliberately equate the Chinese government’s help to achieve stable employment for the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang with the so-called “forced labor” in order to confuse the public and attempt to discredit China’s image, alienate China’s ethnic relations and curb China’s development.

In recent months, China has published the White Paper on Labor and Employment Security in Xinjiang, the Investigation Report on Labor and Employment of Ethnic Minorities in Xinjiang and other documents, using detailed data, fresh cases and on-site visits to introduce in detail the facts of “voluntary employment” and “decent labor” of ethnic minorities in Xinjiang, clarifying Xinjiang’s The employment policy fully respects the willingness of workers to work, protects the basic rights of workers in accordance with the law, and helps the people of Xinjiang create a better life.

As pointed out in the relevant documents of China, whether it is to solicit people’s willingness to find employment, provide skills training, or build an employment information docking platform, the employment assistance measures taken by the local government in Xinjiang have always been premised on voluntariness, and there is no so-called “forced labor” at all.

For example, according to the results of the Chinese official survey of four villages in Kashgar and Hotan, the average willingness of villagers to volunteer to go out for employment is as high as 86.5%. Driven by the employment policy, all the poor people under the current standards in Xinjiang have been lifted out of poverty.

However, for those who regard anti-China as their jobs, facts and truth are not important at all. Counterfeiting is the “one priority”. Take the new report of the American think tank as an example. Its main trader is the notorious German Zheng Guoen.

Although this person has been touted by some Western media as an “authoritative expert” on the Xinjiang issue, his real identity is the backbone of anti-China supported by American intelligence agencies. About his background, the American independent news website “Grey Zone” and other media have revealed it, presumably many people are already very clear.

Think about it. As the “pawn of the Western anti-China forces”, Zheng Guoen’s fabricated and fabricated Xinjiang lies have been repeatedly “smacked in the face” by facts and truths.

How can this latest report from him be true? It’s just another despicable performance to brush up the sense of existence.

It should be pointed out that through the hype of the “forced labor” incident in Xinjiang, it can be seen that there is a chain of slandering and smearing Xinjiang in the West: first, unscrupulous think tanks and so-called experts fabricated reports, then some Western media followed the trend, and then some anti-China politicians took the opportunity to launch threats and even sanctions against China.

In the past few years, this routine has been used repeatedly. And the biggest pusher behind it is also obvious.

It is seen that at the end of the current U.S. government, politicians such as Pompeo hysterically suppress China and persist in implementing anti-China policies to consolidate its so-called “political heritage”.

This is also one of the important reasons why the Xinjiang problem has been hyped up again.

After all, it is a lie that repeats a thousand times. The vast majority of countries in the world have given positive evaluation and solidarity to the Chinese government’s policy of governing Xinjiang and the continuous progress of Xinjiang’s human rights cause.

During the 45th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in September this year, representatives of many countries appreciated that China’s relevant measures in Xinjiang effectively eliminated the breeding ground for terrorism.

Obviously, no matter how evil some Western anti-China forces act as demons, they cannot erase the fact that Xinjiang has continued stability, prosperity and development. All despicable practices that are rhythmic and dirty water on the Xinjiang issue are doomed to be futile.

Any act that uses the Xinjiang-related issues to engage in political manipulation and interfere in China’s internal affairs will fail!

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