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President Han: The deaths are not directly related to influenza vaccine, and the public does not need to be “overly worried”

influenza vaccine

Moon Jae-in told reporters at the Blue House on the same day that South Korea’s influenza vaccine this year is not just to prevent influenza, but to avoid the simultaneous spread of influenza virus and new coronavirus.

Therefore, it is necessary for South Korea to expand the scope of influenza vaccine. At the same time, Moon Jae-in also stated that through autopsy, other inspection methods, and a comprehensive review, the health department has confirmed that there is no direct connection between the recent deaths after the free influenza vaccination and the vaccination.

The safety of the vaccine is “overly worried” so as not to miss the right time for influenza vaccine. 

Yonhap News Agency reported that this is the first time Moon Jae-in has publicly expressed his views on the death of South Korea’s flu vaccine.

According to a report from the Korean Disease Management Agency on the 26th, as of 0:00 local time on the 26th, the number of deaths in South Korea after being vaccinated this fall has increased to 59. 

However, the Department of Disease Management stated that the causal relationship between influenza vaccination and the above-mentioned deaths is very low, so it will not suspend influenza vaccination. 

The Korean Agency for Disease Control also stated that it has completed the investigation and analysis of 46 people who died after receiving the flu vaccine, and the investigation of the remaining 13 people will continue.

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