Indonesia’s airport is now “second-hand” coronavirus detection tool: the unit price of $13,9000 more than victims

May 6 2021 Five staff members selling coronavirus detection tools at an Airport in Indonesia have been arrested and are accused of cleaning the tools they used and selling them again. Local police believe their illegal operation began in December 2020.

Many passengers choose to pay $13 to buy a quick test kit to test for a coronavirus test after Indonesia’s local airports require a coronavirus test negative certificate before boarding, the Capitol Hill newspaper and other media reported On The 5th. The five arrested workers were from a state-owned pharmaceutical company that provided testing tools. A plainclothes policeman who bought a test kit from his hand found that his test results were false positive. Police then carried out a raid and seized a large number of reusable detection tools.

According to the investigation, these people will use the testing tools cleaned and sold again. In this way, they made a profit of $124,000, which is said to be used to build a new home for one of them. Police believe the scam began in December 2020. Currently, two lawyers are preparing to initiate proceedings on behalf of more than 9,000 victims. Indonesia’s minister of state-owned enterprises, Tohir, said anyone involved in the crime would be punished.