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Indonesia seizes two foreign oil tankers

An oil tanker has been attacked off the coast of a Syrian port

A South Korean transport ship was detained by Iran, and the South Korean government will send a delegation to Iraq to negotiate.

JAKARTA, Jan. 24 – Indonesian maritime safety agency said in a statement on Jan. 24 that Indonesian maritime patrol vessels seized two foreign oil tankers in the sea near Kuntians in the country’s West Kalimantan province on the same day.

The statement said that the two tankers located in Indonesian waters are suspected of violating Indonesian laws, including not displaying the national flag, closing the identification system, illegal anchoring and illegal transfer of fuel.

The preliminary investigation showed that one of the tankers flew the Iranian flag and the other the Panamanian flag.

The statement said the two tankers have been seized and have been escorted to Batam Island in Riau Islands province for further investigation.

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