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India’s medical resources in a hurry: trainee health care exams delayed, candidates directly “on the battlefield”

India's medical resources in a hurry: trainee health care exams delayed, candidates directly "on the battlefield"

A staff member prepares oxygen-absorbing equipment at a Coronavirus temporary hospital in Kolkata, India, on May 3. Xinhua News Agency

May 3rd 2021, India postponed exams for trainee medical staff because of the severe situation of the Coronavirus outbreak and the emergency of medical resources, so that they could “go to war” directly to treat the Coronavirus patients.

India postponed tests for trainee health care workers on Wednesday to allow them to go straight to the front line to treat patients, as a result of a Coronavirus outbreak that broke new record-breaking one-day records, Reuters reported Thursday.

In a statement, the government said it had announced that it was postponing tests for health care workers to allow some of them to join the “battle for the Coronavirus” with existing health care workers as the health system neared the brink of collapse.

A new outbreak is raging, India’s health system has collapsed under the weight of growing new cases, hospital beds and oxygen supplies have run out, morgues and crematoriums are overloaded and some patients have died even in ambulances.

India has added more than 360,000 new confirmed cases, adding more than 300,000 cases in a single day for 12 consecutive days, with a cumulative number of confirmed cases approaching 20 million, Singapore’s Union Morning Post reported Thursday. But medical experts believe the actual number of confirmed cases in India could be five to 10 times higher than reported, Reuters reported.

India’s outbreak is likely to peak on Wednesday, a few days earlier than previously estimated, as it spreads faster than expected, according to the latest model.

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