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Indian intelligence agencies in the bottom of European think tank: to smear China and Pakistan, spread rumors all over the world

If you often follow Twitter celebrities or browse the “American version of Zhihu” Quora, it is not difficult to find a slightly weird phenomenon: any tweet or topic related to China, the most, fierce and negative below are often groups of Indian netizens.

At the same time, I also found that in recent years, the most common “black materials” attacked on the English Internet in China, such as “debt traps”, “water bombs”, “pearl chains” and “man-made coronaviruses”, are often widely spread through the mouths of the Indian media, if not Indians.

At first, I thought these were just coincidences. After all, India’s English population is large and famous for their eloquence. It’s no surprise that they gangs to vent their envy and hatred for China on the Internet.

I didn’t realize that things might be as simple as I thought it was until I saw a European independent think tank releasing a report called Indian Chronicle –

Those seemingly casual and irrelevant phenomena on the Internet may be the result of the years-long false information offensive launched by Indian intelligence agencies against Pakistan and China.

Why is a European think tank angry with India?

In December 2020, the independent think tank, the EU DisinfoLab, released a blockbuster investigation report called the Indian Chronicle, revealing a super-large-scale disinformation network manipulated by India. .

The report reveals that under the leadership of the Srivastava Group headquartered in Delhi, this disinformation network is based in Geneva and Brussels and remotely controls 750 fake media and fake intelligence in 116 countries and regions around the world.

Ku, fictional NGOs, whitewash information and amplify their influence through the mainstream Indian news agency Asia International News Agency (ANI), and have been in use since 2005 as early as 2005. Today, they still slander Pakistan and China every day and advocate goodwill India.

The workflow of disinformation networks summarized in the Indian Chronicle investigation report

The blockbuster report has caused a sensation in Pakistan. Both the Pakistani Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister have quoted the report urging relevant United Nations agencies and the European Parliament to investigate India’s relevant actions.

Indian officials who were poked in the pain have hurriedly denied it.

India and Europe have approached rapidly in recent years. On the contrary, Pakistan and China are often criticized and questioned by the European side for the so-called “human rights issues”.

So why did this European think tank start to expose India in the opposite way?

The answer is likely that India’s emotional governance agencies feel too good about themselves, play too much, act too arrogantly, and eat too ugly, so that Europe no longer wants to see their “sung affection” being used by India as a gun to beat people around the world.

The think tank, which originally focused on European affairs, stressed that they expressed deep concern about human rights issues in South Asia and did not intend to intervene in the disputes between South Asian countries, but when they found that India “used European politicians who sincerely wanted to defend women and minorities to meet their own geopolitical interests”, they were unable to bear it.

Expose this unprecedented disinformation network.

How arrogant is the Indian intelligence agency? The example of the resurrection of the dead is probably the most illustrative.

The investigation report found that the Peace Organization Research Council (CSOP), an American non-governmental organization that has disappeared since the 1970s, has miraculously resurrected since 2005.

What’s more surprising is Louis B., the former chairman of the organization and a jurist known as the “ancestor of international human rights law in the United States”. Sohn died in 2006, but in 2007 and 2011 as Louis B. Shon) attended two public events attacking human rights issues in Pakistan.

The degree of arrogance of Indian intelligence agencies, in the name of defending human rights, pretends to be the deceased ancestor of international human rights law, to the platform.

In response, the “EU Disinformation Laboratory” was so shocked that they were so angry that they finally dedicated the entire Indian Chronicle investigation report to Louis B, who was impersonated after his death. Sohn).

Out of outrage, the “EU Disinformation Laboratory” dedicated the Indian Chronicle investigation report to Louis Sohan.

How exactly does the disinformation network manipulated by India work?

This unprecedented amount of false information network has a clear hierarchy, a strict division of labor and a tight connection. Since its establishment and operation in 2005, it has been widely poisoned.

According to the investigation of the Chronicle of India, under the command of the Srivastava Group, this network echoes cooperation and strengthens resonance at the three levels of international organizations, media communication and public awareness, and launched a strong information offensive to slander China and Pakistan and advocate India.

How exactly does this huge, hidden and evil disinformation network work?

In terms of ground operations, Indian intelligence agencies mainly rely on fake think tanks and NGOs to directly affect the United Nations Human Rights Council, the European Parliament and other international organizations, and vigorously promote the pro-Indian anti-Pakistan anti-China agenda.

In Brussels, Belgium, where the European Parliament is located in Geneva, where the United Nations Human Rights Council is located, the Srivastava Group has established and manipulated a large number of NGOs and think tanks with false names, false addresses and false account information, and took sensitive issues such as minority rights and women’s rights as the starting point.

For example, the Geneva-based “European Pakistan Minority Organization” (EOPM), “Baluchistan House” and the South Asian Democratic Forum (BH&SADF) are responsible for lobbying, organizing demonstrations, and often participating in various press conferences convened by the United Nations.

They also often act as a special agent for formal institutions. Statements on various occasions of the United Nations.

For example, in Brussels, the non-governmental organizations “South Asia Peace Forum (SAPF),” “Balochistan Forum” and “Friends of Gilgit-Baltistan” (FBG) and “Women’s Economic and Social Think Tanks (WESTT)” often guide the European Parliament and the European Commission to set up anti-Pakistan.

Anti-China agendas, such as fabricating reports of “China-Pakistan human rights violations” and submitting them to relevant EU institutions, encouraging European Parliamentarians to go to sensitive areas in South Asia to platform India, and criticizing them to write obviously pro-Indian anti-Pakistan media comments in fake media.

In terms of media communication, Indian intelligence agencies mainly rely on fake media platforms and Asian International News Agency (ANI) to whitewash and amplify false information, so that it can openly enter the mainstream global information field.

Srivastava Group has established and manipulated a large number of fake media platforms to provide media exposure to ground think tanks and NGOs under its control, and to provide a stage for EU parliamentarians who are interested in making profits through “anti-China and anti-Pakistan”.

On the left is the decent media logo, and on the right is the fake fake media logo of Srivastava Group.

Take the European Chronicle as an example. This fake media, which was only established in May 2020, has been endorsed by 11 members of the European Parliament in just six months and published a large number of pro-Indian and anti-China online comments in their name.

However, these small media platforms alone are not enough. After all, these obviously inclined comments are really difficult to be elegant. At this time, ANI, with the aura of “mainstream news agencies”, made its debut.

According to the investigation, ANI is the only mainstream news agency that reprints the above-mentioned false media news. In the past six months, it has reprinted at least 13 anti-Pakistan and anti-China comments published in the European Chronicle, and also tracked and reported offline activities concocted by fake think tanks and NGOs. After ANI whitewashing, these otherwise suspicious tabloid information has been recognized by mainstream news agencies and entered the mainstream media with a more credible appearance.

At the level of public awareness, Indian intelligence agencies mainly rely on local fake media around the world to package the fabricated false information into the public eye. These information and comment articles produced by Geneva or Brussels think tanks and NGOs have been whitewashed and amplified by ANI, and transferred to the so-called “The Big News Network” and “World News Network”. ) to spread.

In 116 countries and regions around the world, Srivastava Group directly or indirectly controls more than 750 fake local media, all of which are used to shape pro-Indian and anti-Palestinian information offensives.

The above is part of 750 fake local media platforms directly or indirectly controlled by Srivastava Group worldwide.

After the repackaging and tampering of these local media, some suspicious information published in little-known tabloids in Europe has “rised” into mainstream reports.

Small-scale protests organized by some European shell think tanks and NGOs have been “backed up” as a powerful social movement, and some anonymous members of the European Parliament have been “backed”. The anti-China and anti-Pakistan remarks “represent” the official views of the European Union.

Most importantly, after repeated media hype, these false information can in turn concoct more false information, distorting the basic understanding of Chinese and Pakistani netizens in India and the world.

What if the false information network manipulated by India is exposed?

Although the “EU Disinformation Laboratory” has turned the disinformation networks manipulated by India upside down, it has not triggered a follow-up investigation by EU officials.

The Indian Chronicle’ lead author, Alexandre Alaphilippe, admitted that even though they made the disinformation network public as early as 2019, EU officials have been “no official response, no sanctions, nothing… It even raises doubts whether EU institutions do not care about foreign interference.

Gary Machado, another lead author of the research report, said bluntly, “Imagine how the world would react if China or Russia had done the same thing? Presumably, it will provoke international fury, provoke public doubts, and even open sanctions…

However, India is behind this disinformation network.

Ala Filip and Matssado expected the EU institutions to take objective and impartial measures, but they eventually failed.

There is no doubt that it is the colored glasses officially worn by the European Union and the double standards that have enabled Indian intelligence agencies to build a shockingly large-scale disinformation network for more than a decade, which in turn threatens European information security and political autonomy.

This is the same as that some anti-China institutions raised by the United States used false information to influence the election in the 2020 election.

After figuring out how the false information network works, I also understand why it was Indian scholars who first hyped the Belt and Road “debt trap theory”, Indian scholars first incited “China to plant water bombs on Asian rivers”, and Indian scholars who first invented the “coronavirus artificial theory”.

I understand why Most Indian netizens’ anti-China remarks are stupid, ignorant but extremely firm; they know why Indian officials often invoke disinformation against China without shame…

It turns out that this may be part of India’s anti-China information war.

Recently, the European Commission announced the political decision to sign the China-EU Comprehensive Investment Agreement in principle, marking the hope that the agreement, which has been negotiated for more than seven years, is expected to be reached in 2020.

However, at such a juncture, the European Parliament passed a resolution in early December condemning “the ‘forced labor’ policy implemented by the Chinese government in Xinjiang” and specifically proposing that any comprehensive agreement signed by the European Union with China “must include corresponding provisions against forced labor”.

Thinking of the hundreds of fake human rights NGOs and fake think tanks still active in Brussels and Geneva, the resolution adopted by the European Parliament at a critical moment is no coincidence, but more like a premeditated targeted bomb – third-party forces are trying every means to block China and Europe from reaching this decision, which is of great historical significance to both parties.

Agreement with major practical interests.

“The right path in the world is vicissitudes of life.” Any false information must be refuted, and it will not be inherently legitimate because it is involved in the fig leaf of human rights democracy.

Perhaps, now is the time for the United States and Europe to reflect on–

Why do their conniving groups always pull the tiger and pull the flag and smash their own feet?

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