Indian army hits Pakistani wedding scene with heavy artillery 11 injured 4 children

Source: Reuters

November 23. According to reports from the Russian Satellite News Agency and Pakistan’s Tribune, the Pakistani Service Public Relations (ISPR) announced on the 22nd that the Indian military violated the ceasefire agreement and used rockets and heavy mortars to attack.

In the village of Jigjot, Pakistan, a wedding ceremony was being held at the location at the time. A total of 11 civilians were injured, including 4 children, and one girl was in critical condition.

Pakistani media sources pointed out that on November 22, the Indian army used rockets and heavy mortars to attack civilians at the wedding ceremony in Jigjot Village in violation of the ceasefire agreement on the control line of Khuiratta. 

The attack lasted more than an hour and injured 11 innocent civilians, mainly women and children. A 7-year-old girl was seriously injured and has lost consciousness.

The Pakistani side condemned the “deliberate attacks” launched by the Indian army against civilians with “immoral and unprofessional actions”, which constituted “absolute contempt for human rights” and violated the 2003 ceasefire agreement. 

The Tribune reported that as a response to the provocative behavior, Pakistani soldiers responded to the Indian army, targeting innocent civilians at outposts, and the Indian army suffered losses in personnel and materials.

Since the Indian government announced its decision to withdraw Jammu and Kashmir on August 5, 2019, India-Pakistan relations have begun to deteriorate. 

The Indian Parliament deleted Chapter 370 of the Constitution for this reason, and the state no longer has a special status. Pakistan advocates sovereignty over the Indian-controlled Kashmir region and strongly condemns this decision.