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India protests against farmers shouting Modi: Don’t just talk empty words, prepare for negotiations

India protests against farmers shouting Modi: Don't just talk empty words, prepare for negotiations

Indian Prime Minister Modi (Reuters)

February 9 – According to a report by Indian media on the 9th, the “Peasant United Front” composed of dozens of Indian farmers’ unions urged Indian Prime Minister Modi to resume negotiations and resolve disputes related to agricultural law reform as soon as possible.

The Times of India said the organization said that Modi should not only stay at the stage of empty talk, but should actively prepare for farmers and central government negotiations.

The Farmers United Front” pointed out that the Indian government had stopped negotiations on January 22, and the peasant side had never refused to dialogue.

The government should create an appropriate communication atmosphere.

Some farmers’ unions said that as the weather warmed up, more people would come to the protest site.

They didn’t mind being called “strugglers”, and the ruling party of India should “struggle” for the welfare of the people.

A peasant leader named Parr said: “The Prime Minister is just talking now.

If the government really wants to stop this peasant protest, it should put forward a proposal for the sake of farmers.

On the 8th, Modi said in his speech to Parliament that he would ensure that the mechanism of “minimum support prices” would continue to be provided for key crops, and called on farmers to stop protests that lasted for months.

However, farmers are not satisfied and require the government to make legal commitments to this end.

In January, the Indian government proposed to suspend the implementation of agricultural law reform for 12 to 18 months, but was rejected by farmers, and the negotiations between the two sides have stalled.

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