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India is stepping up production of eight local vaccines: affordable prices

India is stepping up production of eight local vaccines: affordable prices


December 11th According to India’s Tribune on the 11th, the Indian government is developing an affordable comprehensive vaccination strategy, and eight vaccines are currently in the production stage. In addition to two candidate vaccines with leading research and development processes, six vaccines are in the late stage of research and development.

It is reported that the ZyCoV-D vaccine developed by Indian pharmaceutical company Kadira Healthcare is currently undergoing a second phase of trial. The Russian Sputnik-V vaccine is cooperating with Dr. Reddy, an Indian pharmaceutical company.

It has completed the second phase of the experiment and will enter the third phase of testing next week. The Indian Serum Research Institute has cooperated with Novak Pharmaceutical Company of the United States to produce a coronavirus vaccine.

Government sources said that local production will help India launch an affordable coronavirus vaccine, and the vaccination process is expected to last for more than a year.

Indian media previously reported that an Indian volunteer developed amnesia and a series of mental symptoms after being vaccinated against the West (Covishield, which was co-developed by the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and Oxford University), which eased after 10 days of hospitalization.

The vaccine was suspended by the British government during the phase I test, and the Modi government has announced the launch of the local vaccine.

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