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Inciting toughness against China is a disaster for Australia Australian politicians should shut up

Inciting toughness against China is a disaster for Australia Australian politicians should shut up

Scott Morrison, Australia's prime minister, pauses during a news conference in Sydney, Australia, on Friday, May 7, 2021. For Morrison, Tuesday’s annual budget can’t come soon enough as he tries to put a torrid opening to the year behind him and focus voter attention on the strength of the economic recovery. Photographer: Brendon Thorne/Bloomberg

May 7 (Xinhua) — Recently, some Australian politicians, senior military officers and media reporters have repeatedly portrayed negative sentiment towards China, however, the United States reporter Bradley Blankenship 6 in the “Russia Today” website published an article entitled “Why the Australian elite is keen to provoke China, which is disastrous for their country” article pointed out that Australia’s elite should be smart, shut their mouths.

Bradley Blankenship opens with the possibility that some Australian politicians, top military officials and media journalists have recently been using crazy rhetoric to highlight tensions in Sino-Australian relations and the possibility of a Sino-Australian military conflict. “Australia’s political establishment is publicly promoting military conflict with China through various channels, including the mass media, to gain public support.” The article cites similar statements by Major General Adam Findlay, Interior Secretary Pezzullo, Defense Minister Dutton and others, and notes that “for the sake of world peace, these people need to grow and shut up.” ”

He later said that all recent rhetoric by the Australian government was intended to brainwash the public in various ways, but that “the attempt was so blatant that many former officials publicly opposed it.” Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said all escalation of tensions with China was “not in line with national security objectives.” In an op-ed in the Sydney Morning Herald, former foreign minister Bob Carr said “Australian diplomacy should find a way to avoid this nightmare.” ”

The article also pointed out that the Sino-Australian conflict is not in the interests of any country and anyone, the military conflict is obviously more disastrous, Australia has paid a high economic price for its bellicose posture, China has announced on the 6th indefinite suspension of all activities under the China-Australia Strategic Economic Dialogue mechanism.

The question now, the article concludes, is that Australia’s view of China as a threat is well known. There is clearly no conflict between China and Australia that politicians want, so Australia’s elite needs to be smarter.

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