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In order to avoid wearing masks, a Florida man in the United States pretended to be a policeman!

In order to avoid wearing masks, a Florida man in the United States pretended to be a policeman!

When the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the United States exceeded 27.8 million, two men in Florida actually played tricks to pretend to be police in order to avoid wearing masks.

However, they were soon recognized and arrested.

According to ABC on the 18th, two men in Florida face federal charges on suspicion of impersonating police.

Previously, they appeared at hotels in the state resort without masks and threatened to arrest hotel staff who asked them to wear masks.

According to the report, Walter Wayne Brown Jr., 53 years old.

Gary Brummett, 81, was arrested on February 11 on charges of pretending to be a federal official.

According to the criminal indictment, Brown and Blumitt have claimed that they are not bound by the hotel’s requirement to wear masks.

In addition, they also show that they have “proof” of this “immunity”.

On February 11, when hotel managers asked Brumit to wear a mask to comply with public health guidelines, Brumit pointed to the badge on his belt and said, “Do you know what this means? I’m a ‘American bailiff’ and if you force me to wear a mask, I’ll arrest you.”

The indictment also said that two days before the incident, Brown was also accused of telling hotel staff who implemented the relevant epidemic regulations on two different occasions that he was a federal agent and “does not need to wear a mask”.

He also allegedly told hotel managers that he might be arrested if he forced himself to wear a mask.

The report also said that they were wearing a card with the “No Mask Declaration” that said: “I am not subject to any regulations requiring masks in public… Wearing masks poses mental or physical dangers to me.

I don’t need to disclose my situation to you under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

According to the report, the court records of the two men show that the case will be scheduled for a detention hearing on the 19th and will be summoned on February 26.

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