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In order to avoid polluting the environment, Denmark will cremize the exhumation of mink.

In about three months, Denmark completed the slaughter of more than 15 million minks.

Farming mink (Reuters)

The BBC reported on the 21st that the Danish government plans to exhum and cremate the bodies of 4 million dead mink in May next year to avoid environmental pollution.

Last month, the Danish mink farm tested for the novel coronavirus and found many cases of breeding mink to transmit the mutant novel coronavirus to people.

After that, the Danish government decided to kill all the national mink farms. However, due to the continuous controversy, the government then stopped the killing. So far, Denmark has killed more than 15 million mink.

However, due to improper burial of dead mink bodies, the decaying dead mink bodies emit a large amount of phosphorus and nitrogen outward, which poses a threat to the environment.

Previously, there were even mink bodies “surfaced” on the ground because of the gas generated during the decay process and buried shallowly.

The scene was very frightening. Now, the burial place of dead mink bodies in a military zone in western Denmark is under massive opposition, one of which is close to the water source and the other is near a lake where people often swim.

To that end, the Danish agriculture sector said it would dig up dead mink bodies next year, and “Once the minks no longer carry the novel coronavirus, they will be transported to incinerators and burned as commercial waste.”

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