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In order to avoid impacts on the psyche of the people and their economy, the Malaysian government does not intend to impose a nationwide blockade

In order to avoid impacts on the psyche of the people and their economy, the Malaysian government does not intend to impose a nationwide blockade

China News Service, November 6th. According to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” report, although still facing the impact of Coronavirus Pandemic, the Malaysian government believes that there is no need to implement national blockade measures like in March this year to avoid affecting the mental health of the people and the country. The economy caused a negative shock.

According to reports, Malaysia added 1,009 confirmed cases of Coronavirus on the 5th, and the daily increase in cases exceeded 1,000 for three consecutive days. In view of the increasing severity of Coronavirus Pandemic in Malaysia, Prime Minister Muhyiddin has previously stated that he has instructed the National Security Council to study whether to tighten the current anti-pandemic regulations for social and sports activities.

On October 12, local time, in front of a test point in a hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a child prepared to undergo a nucleic acid test. On the same day, the Malaysian government announced that it would implement a two-week conditional movement restriction order in many places including the capital Kuala Lumpur. Photo by China News Agency reporter Chen Yue

The Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office (Special Tasks) Mohd Reiduan said that the current COVID-19 disease in Malaysia is divided into red, yellow and green zones. Some places were classified as red zones before being “orange zones” (more than 20 cases). It is reviewing the necessity of tightening control of the orange zone. “Anyone who enters or exits the red zone must follow specific standard operating procedures, so we implement stricter conditional management orders and strengthened management orders.”

However, he also said that “the complete blockade (measures) does not need to be implemented because the national crisis management mechanism has successfully controlled the spread of Coronavirus Pandemic. “If the blockade is repeated, it will have a negative impact on the people’s mental health and economy. The government should formulate balanced controls through sound pandemic prevention measures. “

In addition, Dakiyuddin, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office in charge of law and parliamentary affairs, also said that the Malaysian government can once again propose to the head of state a proposal to issue an emergency order for the country or specific regions in accordance with Coronavirus Pandemic situation.

According to reports, Muhyiddin had visited the Malaysian head of state in October to request a state of emergency order to postpone the election during the national pandemic prevention period, but it was rejected.

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