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If Trump loses the election, will he run again in 2024? Acting Chief of Staff of the White House: Absolutely

If Trump loses the election, will he run again in 2024? Acting Chief of Staff of the White House: Absolutely

Mick Mulvaney Source: Reuters

According to a report by the US “Capitol Hill” on November 5, the former Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney (Mick Mulvaney) said on Thursday that if President Trump fails this re-election campaign, he “absolutely” Trump is expected to run again in 2024. Mulvaney, who currently serves as the U.S. special envoy for Northern Ireland, made the above prediction while attending a webinar organized by the Dublin Think Tank Institute of International and European Affairs.

“The Irish Times” reported that Mulvaney said, “I absolutely hope that the president will continue to participate in political activities and will definitely include him in the list of candidates for election in 2024.” He also pointed out that if Trump 4 Candidate again after a year, the age is actually younger than the current Democratic presidential candidate Biden.

Mulvaney described Trump as a “very energetic 74-year-old man” and predicted that he “if he loses in this and next election, he will continue to run in 2024 or 2028.”

US President Trump participated in a campaign rally before

Mulvaney added that Trump “does not like failure.” However, he does not believe that Trump’s decision to file a series of lawsuits in swing states that are still counting votes is a threat to American democracy. He said, “The appearance of lawyers and litigation should not surprise anyone. This is not a tacit admission of failure, nor a declaration of victory.”

Earlier in the day, Mulvaney was convinced that if Biden eventually wins, Trump will promote a peaceful transition of power. He said, “If this process can be carried out, I hope it can be carried out. If Biden is elected president at the end of this process, you can fully expect a peaceful transition of power. I only hope that when the outcome is the opposite, the other party can do the same. “

Biden and Trump

“The Irish Times” stated that Mulvaney reiterated his views at the online conference. He said, “From now to then, will things really become sloppy, chaotic and slow? Absolutely. By the way, it was the same in 2000 (referring to the US presidential election in which Bush and Gore faced off). But we managed to solve it.”

Mulvaney added, “U.S. elections may be a hasty and ugly thing, but it’s a bit like making laws. We describe it as a process of making sausages: no one wants to see it happen, but you enjoy the final product.”

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