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Hungarian Prime Minister praised China’s vaccine again: Help us lead other countries in vaccination

Hungarian Prime Minister praised China's vaccine again: Help us lead other countries in vaccination

Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán

February 13th – On Friday (12th), local time, Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán gave radio interviews, during which he praised the Chinese vaccine again, saying that the Chinese vaccine can help Hungary lead other EU countries in vaccination.

“We’re going to start using the Chinese vaccine soon, and by Easter, we can get vaccinations for everyone who’s registered,” Orban said in an interview, ABC reports.

According to Orbán, Hungary’s population is close to 10 million, and nearly 2.5 million people have registered for the coronavirus vaccine.

“As it stands, Hungary could provide 6.8 million people with vaccinations by the end of May or the beginning of June.” “If you compare Hungary’s vaccination program with the situation in Europe

Then by the end of May, Hungary could provide 6.8 million people, a figure of 3.5 million more than other EU countries of the same size and population, which I think is a big deal,” Orbán said.

This is the second time in recent days that Orban has mentioned and praised Chinese vaccines. On February 9th, local time, Orbán praised the efforts of the Chinese scientific community to develop a coronavirus vaccine at the China-Central and Eastern European leaders summit, saying that it had received a “very reassuring” report on Chinese vaccines from relevant Hungarian institutions.

He also mentioned that the first batch of Chinese vaccines are expected to arrive in the country next week.

Earlier, Mueller Cecilia, Hungary’s chief medical officer, announced on January 29 that the Hungarian National Institute of Medicine and Food Health had approved the COVID-19 vaccine developed by the Chinese National Pharmaceutical Group on the same day.

Hungary became the first EU country to approve a vaccine made in China. Orbán said in an interview on the same day that he would be willing to vaccinate and trust the vaccine made in China most.

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