Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó recovered from COVID-19

On November 20th, local time, Hungarian Minister for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Affairs Szijjártó announced on social media that after the negative test for the novel coronavirus on November 17, the second test result on the 20th was still negative, so after “the longest and most difficult 17 days of his life”, he was able to lift his isolation. Leave and reunite with your family.

On the 3rd of this month, Szijjártó tested positive for the novel coronavirus after arriving in Thailand after completing his visit to Cambodia.

After returning to Hungary by plane on the 4th, Sialto began to be quarantined, during which he showed symptoms related to infection and high virus concentrations in the body.

Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán once said, “Luckily, the foreign minister is still young, and if he is older, the virus may take his life.”

According to Hungarian media quoting Cambodian health authorities, more than 1,000 people were tested for the virus after Sialto’s visit, and four people, including Hungary’s ambassador to Cambodia and Vietnam, Erri Chobau, tests positive.

Szijjártó then apologized to Cambodia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Brasokun for the difficult situation for Cambodia.

Nevertheless, Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Affairs has repeatedly stressed that the foreign minister’s test results before the departure of the Asian trip are negative.