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How to be a “rich man” after winning the lottery? French lottery center opens class training

France officially begins expanding use of "health passes"

Square Trocadro near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, taken on October 30. ( Photo by Gao Jing, reporter of Xinhua News Agency)

According to the report, FDJ offers nearly 15 courses, covering asset management, taxation and relevant laws and regulations, and the total duration of training is five years.

Most of the teachers who teach this group of winners are French tax, financial experts and bankers. In addition, psychologists and personal trainers help winners adapt to the new identity of rich people, and provide psychological services for winners in dealing with their relationship with others.

The FDJ will also hold an annual exchange meeting between the new and old and rich, saying that this is to “enable newcomers to improve from the experience of predecessors”. It is understood that so far, 38 people in France have become rich because of winning lottery tickets.

Although the FDJ does not have a mandatory requirement, half of the winners will choose to participate in such training courses and pay “tuition fees”.

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