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How dare india fire on United Nations Car in Pakistan

How dare india fire on United Nations Car in Pakistan

Farhan Haq

India, how dare you open fire?

(December 20), the Pakistan Inter-Services Public Relations Department issued a message saying that on December 18 local time, Indian troops opened unprovoked fire in the direction of Pakistan on the line of actual control of India and Pakistan, resulting in the vehicle of the United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan being hit.

Image of the hit of a UNMO vehicle released by Pakistan’s Department of Public Relations

The Indo-Pakistan conflict has never stopped much. However, India had the courage to open fire on the United Nations Military Observer Group this time. Is the situation true?

After the Pakistani side disclosed the information, the United Nations also confirmed the matter and said that the incident was under investigation.

Another angle look at the photos released by the Pakistan Inter-Services Public Relations Department, and the bullet holes in the United Nations vehicle are obvious.
Close-up of bullet hole
Another shot part of a United Nations vehicle

According to a report by Pakistan’s Dawn on December 19, United Nations military observers arrived in vehicles with United Nations logos to carry out routine monitoring activities near Lawarakot on the Pakistani side of the Indo-Pakistan Solid Control Line on the morning of 18 December. This is itself part of the normal work of the United Nations military observers.

The purpose is nothing more than to observe and report whether there have been violations of the ceasefire agreement between India and Pakistan. However, according to Pakistani media, the United Nations vehicle was subsequently “intentionally targeted” by India.

Uncle Hai felt that although the results of the investigation have not yet been released, it is obvious that the United Nations vehicle model is more special, and the “UN” logo is very large, which is very obvious.

Although India may be a distance from the actual control of Rawarakot in Pakistan, snipers can clearly see the logo through sights and so on. In this case, they dare to shoot. What do Indians want to do is the focus of the investigation?

Fortunately, according to the Pakistani side, the two United Nations staff members on board have been rescued by the Pakistani army and evacuated safely. This means that no casualties were caused.

Farhan Haq

Fahan Haq, deputy spokesman of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, later confirmed that there were indeed no casualties on the part of the United Nations. But the car was indeed damaged.

From the perspective of laughter, whether to kill or injurious United Nations staff is not the criterion for judging the severity of the incident. This is just like robbery crimes do not necessarily measure the value of robbery, but depend on the severity of the crime to convict and sentence.

India attacked United Nations vehicles. And India’s Modi government is currently a member of the United Nations and has even been seeking more say in the United Nations.

Whether India has more say in the United Nations, such as “entry”, is certainly not directly related to the shooting incident. Even without this shooting of United Nations personnel, India did not want to “enter the permanent membership”, which now seems more suspenseful. But smile feels that India must at least have the appearance of a responsible regional power, right?

Why did India open fire on United Nations vehicles? To some extent, India is challenging the current United Nations system. Earlier this year, at the 75th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, India publicly criticized the current system of the United Nations.

Indian Prime Minister Modi has repeatedly said that India should “becoming permanent”, as if the earth cannot rotate normally without India in the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.


However, did Modi and some Indian politicians think about what India has made to the international community? Why can I get into regular membership?

As far as world peace is concerned, India’s military operations against Pakistan have not stopped since the partition of India and Pakistan. For Bhutan and Nepal, India has played all its powers in chauvinism. 

What did India do to today’s Sikkim state? What are you doing now? In China, India provoked and provoked, and was once hurt, but now the scar has healed and forgot to hurt, lest the world be in chaos.

India seems to feel that shooting United Nations personnel in Pakistan-controlled areas can deter Pakistan. At the same time, it does not seem to pay attention to United Nations personnel. But India should not forget that today’s world has not yet taken over by India.

Since the world entered modern times, war madmen have no good end. India had better carry this point.

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