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Hospitals are full, and the pandemic is overtaken Tokyo. Japan’s island emergency help from the Self-Defense Force.

Japan and the United States determine the amount of Japanese borne funds for the U.S. military in Japan in fiscal year 2021.

Japan Self-Defense Force (Japan Defense Ministry)

January 29 In the past few days, due to the increasingly severe pandemic, the outlying islands of Miyako Island, far from Japan, have become the hardest hit area of the country’s new pandemic.

According to the media reports such as Kyodo News Agency of Japan, Danny Tamagi, governor of Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, held a press conference on the 29th to clarify the policy of requesting support from the Land Self-Defense Forces.

According to Yucheng, the local “crisis of medical collapse is imminent” and decided to turn to the Self-Defense Forces for help.

Japanese media pointed out that in Miyakoshima City, Okinawa Prefecture, with a population of only 56,000, the number of infected people reached 141 in the week ending the 28th.

In terms of a population of 100,000, 258.12 people were infected, five times higher than Tokyo, where the pandemic was worst.

Ministry of Defense of Japan

In the city’s only county hospital, Miyako Hospital, the beds for COVID-19 patients were full, and on the 29th, there were also patients urgently transported from Okinawa main island. Some local pension institutions also broke out with collective infection.

“The outlying islands are very fragile, and if the infection expands, the local medical care system can no longer maintain normal medical operations,” said Danny Tamagi, governor of Okinawa Prefecture.

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