Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government: Next week, all primary schools in Hong Kong will suspend face-to-face classes for 14 days

20th November Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government announced that all primary school students in grades one to three will suspend face-to-face classes next week for two weeks, from November 23 to December 6. The kindergartens and child care centers that have been suspended have also extended the suspension of face-to-face classes until December 6. The relevant departments will review whether they need to be extended.

The Director of the Food and Health Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Chen Zhaoshi, said that the number of primary schools with outbreaks of upper respiratory tract infections has risen sharply in recent days. As of 5 pm yesterday, there are records showing that there were 439 outbreaks of upper respiratory tract infections and more than 4,040 people were affected. Of these, 266 involved primary schools, about 7 were from grade 1 to grade 3, and 147 involved kindergartens. People worry.

She said that relevant departments have considered suspending face-to-face teaching in all schools in Hong Kong, but after assessing the risk and the possibility of infection, they believe that the risk of primary school students in grades 1 to 3 is higher at this stage, but it does not rule out that when the pandemic worsens, the face-to-face teaching in primary and secondary schools will be suspended. classroom.

Chen Zhaoshi also said that the pandemic situation in Hong Kong has deteriorated rapidly. Today (20th) there are 26 confirmed cases, including 21 local cases, involving multiple groups. There are also taxi drivers and housewives who have contracted the disease and come from different regions. The number of confirmed cases has exceeded 30, and the public are urged to wait hard and reduce unnecessary gatherings, otherwise the fourth wave of pandemic will be out of control.